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The MapServer CGI, by default, will happily attempt to process any mapfile it is asked to. While this might be desireable in a development environment, it is not acceptable for public-facing installations. MapServer supports the use of specific environment variables, set at the web server tier, to limit access. Use of these environment variables is not required but is strongly recommended. Future versions of MapServer will require use by default.

Relevant environment variable support is available for versions: 5.4.0 and newer, 5.2.2, and 4.10.4.


Environment variables are only referenced by the MapServer CGI and are not used by MapScript in any way.

Key Environment Variables

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Environment Variables


If set, this environment variable limits values for the CGI map parameter to a curated (prepared) set of mapfiles explicitly defined by additional environment variables. This is the recommended way to secure mapfile access if at all possible.


Mapfile-based environment variables (such as MS_MAPFILE) can be used without setting MS_MAP_NO_PATH.


If set, this environment variable is interpreted as regular expression that is used to test the value of the CGI map parameter. If the value does not match then an error is generated.

Care must be taken to craft regular expressions that limit access to specific, trusted directories and limit path traversal:. See the Environment Variables guide for examples.


If defined, the MS_MAP_PATTERN variable only applies to mapfiles not already defined through an environment variable.

Setting Environment Variables

Mechanisms to set environment variables vary from web server to web server, but all provide the capability. (regular expression feature sets can vary by operating system and version)

  • Apache -

    Apache’s SetEnv directive (available through the mod_env module) allows you to set environment variables in the Apache conf file with a single command:

    • Unix users may set the following expression in Apache to restrict mapfiles to the /opt/mapserver directory and subdirectories:

      SetEnv MS_MAP_PATTERN "^\/opt\/mapserver\/([^\.][_A-Za-z0-9\-\.]+\/{1})*([_A-Za-z0-9\-\.]+\.(map))$"


      During testing during this documentation process, the above MS_MAP_PATTERN failed on an old Debian Wheezy server, on a valid path such as MAP=/opt/mapserver/ogc-demos/ (the dash in the “ogr-demos” folder caused much grief) even though the dash was escaped in the provided character set of the expression.

      Therefore those running older regex libs should use the following instead, which puts the dash at the beginning of the character set of the expression, avoiding the escaping issue:

      SetEnv MS_MAP_PATTERN «^/osgeo/mapserver/([^.][-_A-Za-z0-9.]+/{1})*([-_A-Za-z0-9.]+.(map))$»

    • Windows Apache/MS4W users can set the following expression in the Apache conf file, to limit the possible MAP= paths to the common C:/ms4w/apps/ directory (where all MS4W mapfiles and applications live), allow encoded urls, allow «.» or «_» or «-» in MAP= paths but disallow «..» directory traversing:

      SetEnv MS_MAP_PATTERN "^(C:)?\/ms4w\/apps\/((?!\.{2})[_A-Za-z0-9\-\.]+\/{1})*([_A-Za-z0-9\-\.]+\.(map))$"

    Πρακτική συμβουλή

    The online tool RegExr is great for testing regular expressions.

  • Nginx -

  • IIS -